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We are a team of digital marketers and web developers based on the Gold Coast. As a young and dynamic team, we create a fresh approach to any strategy and have a strong customer driven focus.

What We Do

We specialise in more than just getting your business online, we ensure your business utilises the online space as another avenue for growth. Whether it is logo design, web design or SEO. We can do it all. From idea through to execution we can be your one stop online marketing solution.

Why Choose Us

Because we make your business our #1 priority. We have all the digital, design and web services you will ever need, all under one banner. You will have the opportunity to know the people working on your project, and you will only deal with them. No 'middle man', no call out centres. Just a solid, local service that delivers on its promises.

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Please check out the site, learn more about us, discover our services, and who we are, then pop over to the contact us page and find your best method to communicate with us. We always love hearing from potential customers and will get in touch in the soonest possible time.

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Martin Niedenfuhr

Do You Want More Sales For Your Business?

My name is Martin Niedenfuhr and I am the owner and operator of Local Web Solutions. I have been a part of the digital marketing industry for over 7 years and during this time I have had the privilege of working with some great clients, helping them solve complex digital problems.

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