​How ​ Digital Marketing Can ​​Double, Triple or even Quadruple ​Your Leads Every Month

​Only 3% of your ​market is ready to buy!

​It really doesn't seem like that much does it? The thing is, many business owners are not able to fully comprehend this very REAL statistic. Therefore, rather than taking the effort to find and hone in on this 3%. They try to take the market head on. This calls for a huge waste of money and time.

What would you say is the #1 factor​ businesses need to survive? We all know the answer to that is - MONEY! Without money you do not have a business. It is that simple. In business, just like nature, it is survival of the fittest. However we aren't all Lions looking for the weakest Zebra, or bugs with the best camouflage - No. In business ​our only goal is to be the vehicle to someones desired self. Have a think about that one. Everyday we wake up we have requirements in life, some are necessary, and some are not. However every single time we make a purchasing decision it is to cure a pain, solve a problem, make our life easier or assist us in the becoming the person we want to be. 

​I know what you are probably thinking. What on earth does this have to do with my business? Well - It has EVERYTHING to do with your business.

Our method of marketing is called Direct Response ​Marketing. What it does is create a desired response from a message we put out to a very targeted audience - sounds simple doesn't it? Well in theory it is. Why try and sell your service or product to the world? Why not sell it to the people who are the MOST likely to purchase? I guarantee the latter is a lot more cost effective, measurable and achievable.

Direct Response Marketing is the exact same method companies like American Express, Netflix and even Tony Robbins use to grow their client/user base. It is a simple combination of research, online advertising and copywriting that creates a very scalable, and measurable form of marketing. Most of all it creates a SURGE of new and relevant leads.

​It is not uncommon for clients to see a return of 3:1 on campaigns. Direct Response also accounts for one the quickest returns on investment when compared to other marketing techniques. 

​​​​If your biggest issue in business is ​​Not Generating Enough ​Quality Leads ​​. ​You are in the right place.

Some businesses get phone calls from prospective clients every single day. ​However there is a huge difference in a lead​, and a quality lead. You know those people who seem REALLY interested, yet for some reason never purchase. Or those clients who ask live in a different state than what you service. Or, the Voucher Hunters, who are just looking for the cheapest price? ​Almost every business faces this issue at some point. The idea of behind this form of marketing is that we pinpoint the EXACT audience that is willing and ready to buy. We target these people with laser focus and ensure the message we present is irresistible

​Time spent on low quality leads is time you could spend on aspects of your business that can make you more money!

96% of businesses WILL fail in the first 10 years - This seems like a very grim statistic. ​The laws of business are similar to the laws of nature, you must adapt and evolve to survive. If you are still doing the same marketing you were doing 3 years ago and hoping for something to change. I am here to tell you - it won't. 

​Imagine Your Inbox Flooded With Ready To Buy Leads:

​Like What You See? How Would You Like to Get a Free Consultation Where We Lay Out Your Direct Response Roadmap?

​What's that catch? Nothing - I personally promise you this!

​Right now you can book a complimentary strategy session with one of our Digital Strategists that I personally know and work with every single day. They will go through your business, previous marketing, and lay out what can be done for you to take full advantage of this kind of marketing.

​This is completely obligation free.

​I cannot stress this enough. We do not want you to feel obliged to work with us. Instead, it would bring me a lot more satisfaction to know that the knowledge of myself and my team has made your business better off.  You will not be bombarded with phone calls, or emails begging you to take us up on our offer. ​The reason why is simple. We only want to work with businesses who are ready to take a substantial leap into the growth of their business if you’re not ready for that, let’s not waste each other’s time - no hard feelings at all :-)

And if you’re ​sitting on the fence…then the fact you’re still reading this means you recognise what we could achieve working together.

Either way, the worst things that can happen is that you get some damn good marketing advice!

What People Are Saying About Our Solution

​Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

“​Local Web Solutions have done a great job of getting our business website ranking higher on the organic listings in Google.

At the time of engaging their services our website had taken a beating and had all but disappeared from the first couple of pages of Google. I sat down with Martin to discuss what was happening and to hear what he and the team at Local Web Solutions could offer. I was immediately impressed at the level of research Martin had done on our website and his explanations of what it all meant. He literally had about a ream of paper reporting on each of our site's pages and their "metrics".

Since engaging their services, we have seen a steady increase in rankings across all of our keywords.

On top of this, we have received monthly reports detailing what has happened during the month and what it all means. Martin has been able to explain what he is doing in layman's terms and has made it very easy to understand the process and thinking behind what is happening with the site.

Our previous SEO company charged more, delivered less, and gave us no explanation as to what it was they were actually doing.

Some of the research Martin did for us in the beginning was on the popularity of particular key words we were ranking for. As it turns out we were ranking for plenty of terms in the top 3 or 4, but no one was actually searching for those terms! The key words for the bread and butter of our business were not being optimised and were being buried in search results.

I read an article in the Sydney Morning Herald recently talking about companies who "promise you first page Google rankings in the first month" which went on to explain how these companies were generally snake-oil salesman equivalents, employed bad practices to get you there and that their results were usually very fleeting and didn't last, and your site would end up disappearing off Google as fast as it rises. It pretty much echoed everything Martin has said since we've been dealing with Local Web Solutions.

Their practices have been focused on building quality content and optimising the site for long-term success, instead of short-term, band-aid solutions.

In closing I am very happy with the level of professionalism and service Local Web Solutions have provided to us, and the transparency with which they do it, and would thoroughly recommend them to anyone looking to engage their services.

​Don Macarthur 
- ​Owner - Discover Music

“​Everything worked, just as promised"

“​Local Web Solutions worked with me to bring my business an extra 150 leads per month. I was ranked no where, and went to the top 3 within 3 months. Just as promised... Amazing work and a great company to have on my team!"

​Martin Salvo
- CEO - ​Salvo Migration

“​Local Web Solutions made me excited about being in business!"

“All I kept being told when I started my business was  - Be online, be first on Google. It wasn't until after my phone call with Martin that I realised there is SO much more to it. Best part is they made it easy for me to understand, and delivered on their promises. I was always in the loop and feel really well looked after."

​Ryan Miller
- ​​Owner - ​​Gold Coast Shopfitting

“​I cannot recommend these guys enough!​"

“​Local Web Solutions strategy for my hotel literally turned my business around for the better. The first 6 months if our campaigns saw a consistnet 800% increase in traffic and a bucket of enquiries to follow. I did not believe this type of marketing was possible for the Hotel Indusrty, but they proved me wrong and I am so happy they did"

​Sarana Halpe
- ​Managing Director - Apartments Ink

​What Makes Us So ​Unique is that we will work As Hard on Your Business As We Do Our Own​. Your Business Success is our Business​.

​For that reason alone, it is important that before you register for one of our strategy sessions, you are in full understanding that this is only for SERIOUS business owners. We work damn hard, and we treat each business individually. We do this for the sole purpose of getting your sales figures to new heights. 

​If you are not committed and dedicated, let's not waste each others time.

​However, if you are ready to take your business to the next level, and re-determine your sales and marketing strategy. Maybe even get a fresh outlook on the capabilities of your business then this IS for YOU!

​I have 100% confidence that Local Web Solutions can transform your business. This is why I am putting my time, and my money on the line. I want to prove our concept to you. Click the link below, and let's get started.

To your Success,

Martin Niedenfuhr


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