SEO – it is now the OG of the digital marketing game – for over two decades now the art of search engine optimisation has undergone a world of change – from spammy techniques, offshore scams and overnight SEO ‘gurus’. 

It has gotten quite a bad wrap too!

Almost every business owner who has ever hired an SEO or marketing agency has some horror story about how they got unduly ripped off, lost their site or quite simply didn’t receive any benefit from SEO at all.

But I am here to tell you that SEO is still by far the most profitable, predictable and most effective marketing activity you can implement in your overall marketing strategy.

Matter of fact – SEO is so efficient that if you aren’t ranking in at least the top 5 spots of Google for your main keywords, you are losing thousands of dollars if not more each and every month.

After having researched over 30 local Mornington peninsula businesses we discovered some shocking truths. Of the 30 businesses we studied, 25 of them said they are practising SEO or hiring an agency to do it. 

The shocking news? 

All of the sites we studied were inches off having their website flagged by Google and losing their site to spammy techniques, bad SEO and general technical aspect that were simply missed. 

Matter of fact 3 of the sites we studied actually did lose their rankings over the 4-week study.

Before we go on if you are ever considering hiring an SEO agency make sure to read our guide here on what questions to ask – oh… and if you want to avoid all of the above happening to you -, you can always just give us a call 😉 but more on that later!

So enough of the small talk – let’s get to the point – I mean this is why you are here right?

5 reasons every Mornington Peninsula business should practice SEO

#1 – Local Audience awareness is strong

The Mornington Peninsula has this unique charm to it, and it’s not just the eclectic shops on main street, or the amazing restaurants and bars at our doorstep… where Morningtons real charm comes from is from the people. Never have I seen such a passionate suburb when it comes to local business, especially in the produce section. Mornington Locals LOVE using Mornington businesses. AND… what do you think is the #1 activity people do when they need a service or a product? They google it… in other words, if you want to get yourself out to more locals, then you need to be there, right in front of them when they type in their query on Google or Bing.

#2 – Lots of local business aren’t doing SEO properly

As we just mentioned before, we can see that lots of Mornington businesses simply aren’t doing proper SEO, and unfortunately most of the agencies who claim to be able to do SEO, don’t even rank themselves! What does this mean for you? Opportunity! Where there is less competition there are easier rankings to take. And that means more traffic for your website and ultimately MORE SALES!

#3 – SEO gives you the perception of authority

Ranking in the #1 spot for any search term makes you automatically look like you are the best in that industry, it’s something we as buyers do subconsciously, but the higher you rank, the better you are as a business.

#4 – You will make a fantastic Return on investment

The best part about SEO is that you get exponential growth, you can get a massive bang for your buck using SEO as it is the gift that keeps on giving, unlike paid advertising methods you do not need to pay per click or per visitor so you always know exactly how much you are investing in SEO and how much you are getting in return.

#5 You will grow with the landscape

Being #1 on Google is much easier than getting to #1 on Google. So hiring a marketing agency with proven SEO results will be able to maintain your #1 ranking throughout the ages and make sure that any new competitors opening up or moving up the rankings never steal your position.

As you can see there are a number of vital and important factors behind why you should be investing in a strong SEO strategy.

If you need Local Seo and you are a Mornington Penisula Business click the link here and we will be happy to give you a completely Free SEO audit to show where you currently stand, any limitations your website may have that’s stopping you from ranking, a list of your best keywords and we even spy on those pesky competitors of yours!