About Us

Our Team Is Small On Purpose

The thing we hate the most is companies and people who claim to be experts at EVERYTHING. We are very good at select few things, that is why we work with a small and select team of experts who are masters of their craft.

Here at LWS we will forever strive to make sure our clients AND our team feels like part of the family.

Martin Niedenfuhr – Founder + God Like Social Advertising Skills

Sacha Howell – Queen Of Copywriting and Sparkle

Piyush Sharma – Website Design + Mr Fix It

How It All Began

10 Years ago Local Web Solutions was started in a double lock-up garage on the sunny Gold Coast. Our founder Martin would work a corporate marketing job from 9 – 5 and then work until 2 am every night on Local Web Solutions. The reason for starting LWS came from the mess Martin discovered while interning for marketing and advertising agencies during his years at University. The truth was, no one really knew what they were doing. Everyone claimed to be an advertising and marketing guru. But no one was getting results, and… advertising companies were focusing more on getting NEW clients rather than getting RESULTS for their existing clients.

“I was so sick and tired of dealing with customer complaints rather than working on actual ad campaigns. Whatever happened to business ethics? All I saw was glorified sales companies churning and burning their clients.”

After his awful experience with these agencies, Martin decided to get some experience working on marketing teams for large companies rather than actual agencies. This saw him on marketing teams for several Nationwide companies, the experience here was much better. However, there was still an itch that needed to be scratched. Everywhere he turned he saw huge opportunities for businesses to advertise online, but so few of them doing it.

Enter: The LEAP of Faith.

During his time in corporate Martin started LWS and worked on it after-hours. Then, there came the time he needed to make the ultimate decision to take LWS full steam ahead.

“I was sitting at my computer checking my tasks for the day when I got a phone call from a client. I couldn’t answer it because, well… I was at my job. I knew right there and then that I shouldn’t have even taken any clients on board if I could not give them 100% of me, and boom, that was it. I handed in my resignation.”

Martin had 3 clients, 0 capital, 0 funding… plus a huge amount of bills and a child on the way.

“Looking back, I realise now just how risky what I did was… but, I am so glad I did it!”

With this in mind, Martin had one choice. To make this work! From here Martin streamlined processes and pioneered advertising techniques that saw his clients win every single time. Three clients grew into 10 and within 2 years he had a full roster of businesses he was servicing every single day.

Fast-forwarding a few short years Local Web Solutions has expanded all the way down to the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria and now services nationwide and even international clients. With nearly 200 businesses on our books, and STILL servicing our original 10. This agency that had humble beginnings from a garage is now taking on the Australian marketing industry to become known as one of the best.

Boasting a team of talented staff, world-class techniques, top-secret processes LWS is here to stay.

Why not join us on our journey? We would love to make you part of our story.