How to create your own snapchat geofilter
Check out our tutorial on creating Snapchat Geofilters. Also don’t forget to check out our blog on How to use Snapchat for business.

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Snapchat is an awesome new social media platform that is having a rather large influence on the marketing world. The reason why is because it is personal, raw and ‘un-advertised’, matter of fact I have dedicated an entire post to explaining how and why businesses should use Snapchat. I use Snapchat for both marketing and
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Snapchat is HOT right now; we have celebrities, media moguls, and even brands using it to shamelessly promote themselves and connect with their audience—and it works! If you have no idea what Snapchat is, allow me to explain it as quickly as I possibly can. It is a video messaging application that allows you to
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Most local or small Australian business owners have only just begun to understand the importance of showing up on Google and other search engines. I have had many conversations with business owners, and it is only now that they are starting to realise the effect of SEO on their bottom line. Below, I have personally
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So you have started your business. However, your customers and clients are dwindling and the results from your recent flyer drop are not what you expected. You need a solution that will give you long-term, measurable results. Then, you discover the holy grail of online marketing: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). From here you have two
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You have probably heard the news, the Google gods are now punishing those websites that are not mobile friendly. This can be devastating for those businesses who have pumped heaps of money into their website and SEO. You can very easily avoid this punishment in 3 quick steps.   Step 1: Do the mobile friendly
If you’re ready to take the leap into digital space and get a website up and running for your business or hobby, then you have probably asked yourself “Do I hire a web developer or use a free website builder?” This article will answer your question.   What are online website builders? An online website