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We are Local Web Solutions; our expertise is in ranking your business on the first page of Google and other leading search engines. This process is crucial to business owners as it will allow you to increase your website traffic and create more revenue through conversions.

Your search for a good Mornington Peninsula SEO has brought you here. It is more than likely that you receive emails and phone calls every day about SEO. However, you have found this page by the power of search engine optimisation (SEO). Melbourne, Victoria is one of the largest cities in Australia. Terms such as Mornington Peninsula SEO expert is by far one of the more difficult keywords to rank for in the Victoria area. If we can rank this keyword, imagine what we can do for your business.

We are proud to say that we are a Mornington Peninsula SEO Agency and one of the best you will find. We have always shown a lot of pride in what Local Web Solutions stand for, we are more than just a search engine optimisation company. We are your partners in business we help you succeed, so we do too.

​Allow us to give you a huge headstart, we will provide you with the exact same SEO blueprint that we have used to put hundreds of Australian businesses on top of Google and create online success. As a Mornington Peninsula SEO Firm, we look forward to working with other Mornington Peninsula businesses.

To get started, please​ apply for our ​SEO Audit. This is ​the best way for us to find out where your business currently stands and exactly HOW effective SEO will be. ​In this audit, we will also look at your competitions and create a full strategy on the keywords that have actual PAYING traffic. These are tailor-made to your business and are extremely useful and informative.

​​Ranking On Google Makes You Look Better Than Everyone Else In Your Industry!

​​​​Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a collection of factor that determines how will your rank on search engines. Not being visible on a search engine like Google will cost you money and literally hand potential customers to your competitors. There is no business in existence that can afford to do that. Plus! You are going to look like the Top Dog in your industry... Your competitors are going to hate that! But your growing business will love it!

There are over 300 factors that contribute to ranking a site on Google. A website that is well optimised will directly lead to an increase in the popularity of your products and content, in turn, this will increase your revenue. Optimisation requires a person who understands how the whole ranking process works from the very beginning. There are several benefits to hiring a Mornington Peninsula SEO company to optimise and aid in growing your online presence.

An ​SEO expert will save the risk involved with handing money to marketers who claim they know what it takes. It can be challenging to understand the algorithms Google and others use to rank websites. Our team only need to view the content of your site. With this information alone, we come back with a solution that will take your business to new heights.

Our professional team of optimisers can use your website’s content and create a thorough keyword research plan which will allow us to come up with keywords that suit your audience and page content. We will even go a step further and look for what is called 'longtail' keywords that are being used by your current competitors and then manipulate them to match with the content on your site. This will make you dominate your competition for the same keywords they are currently ranking for.

Hiring a trusted Mornington Peninsula SEO will give you exceptional benefits. We do monthly consultations with you. So you will always be kept up to date with the trends in SEO and also the optimisation on your site. Regular reporting is a requirement for an active, long term strategy.

Also, your optimisation consultant will perform keyword marketing for your site. A well-optimised website will bring a large, targeted amount of traffic to your web page, which in return is converted into profits for your business.


​Your website is the equivalent of an online marketing representative for your business. However, you can have the most exceptional Website in existence, but it does not mean much if people can’t find it. Creating a website and not marketing it is like building a flyer and not distributing it.

More Traffic = More Conversions = More Money​

​By hiring Local Web Solutions Mornington Peninsula SEO services, you will receive a return on your investment sooner rather than later. This is due to our unique method of pricing. Most business owners waste thousands of dollars in an attempt to use online marketing. However Thanks to the measurability of SEO you will know precisely how your money is spent.

SEO allows you to reach a targeted audience that is actively searching for your service, product or business. You will not be crossing your fingers, in hopes that someone might see your ad. A good SEO expert will know the best solution for your website and will rank your site for a keyword in a short period. We will also give you the additional marketing information that will help monetise your website. This saves you time and money.

On a budget? That is fine because we work on a month by month contract basis. If you are not seeing a return, simply stop your services. Alternatively, we can rank on a keyword by keyword basis this method will help you minimise the costs of SEO yet still create the desired results.

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The Difference Between an​ ​​Expert and an Amateur​ Can Literally Cost You Your Business

​It is easy to find people who claim to know SEO, but the best way to find out whether an SEO company is up to the task is to see what previous results they have.

We encourage you to check out our current rankings and review some of the websites we are currently working on. This will give you a clear indication of the company you are handing your marketing dollars too.

​Be careful of the people who claim to work in SEO and don’t have the background needed to rank your site successfully. These people can do harm to your site. When performing SEO that is not within the 'white hat' code, your website will be penalised. This results in your site becoming unsearchable in search engines.

​There are more benefits in hiring a Mornington Peninsula ​SEO company like Local Web Solutions, we have only just scratched the surface!

Make the call and contact us today so we will show you how to turn your business into a money generating machine!

We service the entire Mornington Peninsula including surrounding suburbs.

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​What A Great SEO Campaign WILL Do For Your Business

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    ​Make you look like a superstar!
    ​Ranking #1 Will make your competitors jealous and drive all of their traffic to you!
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    ​Put you in-front of people who are already needing your service
    ​We don't do a Google search for the fun of it! We do it because we need something. If someone searches for something they need, and you are in front of them guess what! Your more than likely to get that business!
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    ​Drive more traffic to your business
    ​​Traffic means more people, which means more chances of someone enquiring. The more enquiries you have, the more chance of getting a new client or customer. It is a no brainer really!

What People Are Saying About ​Local Web Solutions

“​I could not recommend Local Web Solutions more

“​​After a failed attempt at success with another company I was having to consider shutting down. The Team were honest, real and did not make any fake promises - they gave me their time, extensive reporting and were just so easy to deal with. Our return on investment is through the roof and our clientele has more than doubled - we can not thank you enough. Highly recommend."

​Kara Parata
- ​Oxanda Education

“​​I owe so much to Martin and his team at Local Web Solutions"

“I was with an SEO company for 12 months and literally saw 0 results, I knew it was important so went on the hunt for another agency. I found Local Web Solutions through their own marketing, they practice what they preach and it works!

After a phone conversation with Martin I felt instantly at ease, he was completely transparent with me about the length of time for rankings, and was constantly in communication with me. I can't stress enough how important it is as a business owner to have a team like this in your corner. I went from 10 phone calls a month to 10 a day. I cannot thank you enough!"

- ​​​Gym Owner

“​After a short time our rankings have increased and continue to increase at a positive rate"

“​Being a small business owner, it's critical we rank well for high traffic search terms related to our business.

After a recent drop in rankings and ridiculously expensive Adwords bills, we needed to implement professional SEO services, and quickly!

After a short time our rankings have increased and continue to increase at a positive rate. 

Martin certainly knows his SEO and provides in depth reporting and excellent rank monitoring software.

I Would highly recommend SEO Web Solutions to any business or company needing to improve their organic Google rankings!

Thank you SEO Web Solutions for all your hard work. Keep at it !

- ​Driving School Owner

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​Real Results for Real Businesses

​21 Medium and High Competition #1 Rankings Achieved within 12 months

SEO is the #1 Lead Generation Method in Salvo Migration to this day - It is what single ​handedly drives ​Salvo Migrations Growth.

​Martin Niedenfuhr

​Founder of Local Web Solutions

​A Message From Our Founder

Dear Fellow Business Owners,

If there is one thing I understand really well, it is that time is the most valuable asset we have! Therefore I am not going to waste yours by talking all about me and not providing you with some value - instead I want to share 3 aspects I have learnt through my 8 years in business that have taken me from my last $200 in my business bank account, through to owning a thriving agency servicing clients all over Australia.

These aspects are something I commonly see in thriving businesses. See the truth is, the difference between a successful business and a failing one really only boils down to a few things... and - with help, pitfalls can often be avoided.

The points I am about to share are all commonly understood by every single successful entrepreneur or business owner I have ever come into contact with. So please take them on board.

#1 - Learn to make decisions quickly and to act on them fast -

 I was at a conference in Brisbane, and Janine Allis (owner of Retail Zoo Group, famous for owning Boost Juice) was one of the speakers. After watching her very inspirational talk, she opened the room up to questions. I put my hand up - I must admit I was a bit nervous being surrounded by all of these successful business owners.

At this time I was only 26 and had a total of 4 clients in my boutique marketing agency while also working a job as a Marketing Assistant and was very new to the business world. I had my moment to ask anything... business owners were probably begging that I asked something valuable and didn't waste her, or their time with some amateur question that most of them probably knew the answer too.

So here I am... I stand up, and I ask in the shakiest and unconfident voice

"Umm, Janine -  I was just wondering... If... If you would have to go back in time and do it all again, what is the one piece of knowledge you wish you could take with you"...

I looked around and took my seat. Now, I have to admit, this was probably a question a seasoned business owner would not have asked such a genius entrepreneur. However, everyone seemed to get their notepad handy to take down her answer...

She smiled at me and said...

"you know it's funny how often I think about that exact question."

As chuffed as I was, I knew this was going to be an answer worth remembering.

Her exact words - "Fail Fast and Often."

While everyone else in the room nodded and took notes my head was more like this: '... sorry... what? Explain more please! why do I need to fail.'

It took me literally years to understand what she meant. Because if there is one thing I know now about owning a business. It is the failures that teach you the most important lessons. It is the mistakes that create the best outcomes... so from this I created my own little saying - you are welcome to stick it up on your inspo board -

"A failure is only that if you don't learn the lesson, it tried to teach you."

#2 You started a business to create a better life for yourself and others, not to have a glorified job -

 I suffered from this for WAY longer than I should have... I worked 70+ hours week, never turned my phone off and wore way too many hats. I was the Marketer, Salesman, Web Designer, SEO, Creative, Graphic Designer and also a Father and Partner.

I have had 0 Holidays, 0 public holidays, 0 moments where a good time wasn't tainted with something I needed to take care of in my business. I know that chances are you are either suffering or have suffered from the same.

Want to know what Great business owners do?

Follow this:

- They find out what they are REALLY good at

- They find their absolute MINIMAL viable market (MVM)

- They sell what they are REALLY good at to the MVM

- They create a process on how to repeat what they are good at

- They hire someone to repeat that process on a larger scale

- They find the weak points in their process and find an expert to make it stronger

What this creates is a flawless, repeatable process that can be replicated but can't be imitated.

Don't do too much. If you own a lawn mowing business, be THE BEST at mowing lawns. Don't also be a marketer and a customer service rep. Pay someone to do that. It will free up your time to make more money doing what you good at - and once you know it well enough. Teach it to someone else.

Look, I know what you're saying... how do I find that money when I am starting out? The truth is you can't. And that is what brings me to my final point.

#3 Don't be afraid to put it all on the line -

True Story! 5 years ago I had $200 left in my business account. I wasn't sure where I went so wrong. I failed... HARD! However, I learnt so much from that failure that I would have been stupid to give up!

You know what I did?

I took that $200 and spent it on a Google AdWords campaign offering a free SEO audit to local business owners.

The result?

I got about 320 hits.

11 applications

and signed 2 clients

Which I still have to this day!

Does this happen all the time and to everyone? No way!

But, had I have lost my $200 I would have got a job, built up my bankroll and done it again until I won!

You are never going to be in the right place, the correct position whether that is financially or mentally. There will always be something telling you. Now is not the time! You need to avoid that and go deep! Take a risk, Fail Fast, and have faith in your ability to achieve success!

I hope you got some excellent value from this letter.

Please feel free to reach out to us anytime.

To Your Success -

Martin Niedenfuhr - Founder of Local Web Solutions

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