Get Closer To 2 Billion Customers With Facebook Advertising

ROI-focused Facebook advertising that will give you more than just likes.

What We Do

  • Target Custom Audiences

We use segmentation to divide your target audience into custom lists so that our campaign targets the right people at the right time with the right message.

  • Manage Ad Spending

We optimise ad spending so that you get the most bang for your buck. With us, you will never be spending more than what you have to.

  • Set Up Remarketing

Our remarketing strategies target those who have seen your brand but didn't buy from you the first time around. A custom remarketing setup that leaves no stone unturned.

  • Reporting

Every aspect of our Facebook advertising strategy is monitored, analysed and reported to you with the minutest of details so that you know where we are headed at all times.

Why Facebook Advertising?

Because you will find over 90% of your target audience there irrespective of what your niche is. Pause for a moment and consider the fact that over 2 billion people regularly use Facebook and interact with businesses on a daily basis. That’s more than ¼ of the world’s population.

This figure should be more than enough to make you realise the business potential Facebook advertising carries. But wait, there’s more! In a survey, over 60% people admitted to checking a brand’s Facebook profile before buying from the said brand. The fact that you might lose 60% of your sales because of poor Facebook advertising is nothing short of alarming.

So keep up with times and get on board the Facebook Advertising before your competitors take the cake. Our Facebook advertising strategies are designed to deliver results that are more than just likes on your Facebook posts. We help our clients make more money - ring us up and let’s do this!

  • 37% of online shoppers say they use social media for “purchase inspiration”
  • 47% of the Value of Facebook Video Ads Happens in the First 3 Seconds
  • 2 Billion and more daily active users are present on Facebook
  • 71% of Consumers Say the Facebook Video Ads They See Are “Relevant”

The Advantage To Your Business

  • Increased Brand Reach

Every time you choose not to advertise on Facebook, you’re letting go the chance to put your brand in front of millions of potential buyers. With Facebook users spending an average 7 hours every month, advertising on Facebook offers unparalleled reach for your brand.

  • Immed​iate Results

Unlike traditional advertising, Facebook advertising campaigns generate results instantly. A well planned Facebook advertising campaign starts generating sales almost instantly. This allows for quick optimization for increased reach and sales.

  • Cost-effective Marketing Channel

Facebook advertising is one of the cheapest marketing channel available. For just $5, your brand can reach 1000 Facebook users. Even better, Facebook advertising can work for your brand even when you don’t have a website or any other online presence.

  • Source Of Social Proof

With a large portion of Facebook users being online shoppers, a well-groomed presence on Facebook makes new customers feel more at ease, especially when they are doing buying from you the first time.

Get More Leads & Sales Through A Targeted Facebook Advertising Campaign Today!