Get Closer To 2 Billion Customers With Facebook Advertising

ROI-focused Facebook advertising that will give you more than just likes.

Finally Rid Yourself of An Empty Inbox

Empty Inbox? Phone not ringing? These are the fundamental problems every single business owner faces at some point. We know the problem. So what is the solution?

An Effective and Battle Tested Digital Marketing Strategy

One of the most crucial elements of ANY digital marketing strategy is Facebook Advertising.


Because you will find over 90% of your target audience there irrespective of what your niche is. Pause for a moment and consider the fact that over 2 billion people regularly use Facebook and interact with businesses on a daily basis. That’s more than ¼ of the world’s population… It would be absolute business suicide NOT to be on Facebook.

Facebook Advertising Strategies

This figure should be more than enough to make you realise the business potential Facebook advertising carries. But wait, there’s more! In a survey, over 60% people admitted to checking a brand’s Facebook profile before buying from the said brand. The fact that you might lose 60% of your sales because of poor Facebook advertising is nothing short of alarming.

So keep up with times and get on board the Facebook Advertising before your competitors take the cake. Our Facebook advertising strategies are designed to deliver results that are more than just likes on your Facebook posts. We help our clients make more money plain and simple and we do it consistently, time and time again.

Did You Know?

37% of online shoppers say they use social media for “purchase inspiration”

47% of the Value of Facebook Video Ads Happens in the First 3 Seconds

2 Billion and more daily active users are present on Facebook

71% of Consumers Say the Facebook Video Ads They See Are “Relevant”

Your Sick and Tired of Not Being Noticed.

We get it… you offer an amazing service, or a great product. You are itching to show it to the world, but for some reason you just are not gaining the kind of traction you REALLY want and know you deserve!

You may have even tried Facebook Advertising before and throw it in the “Too Hard Basket”

This is why we don’t offer just any kind of Facebook Advertising service. Instead we execute a fully tailored, functional and proven strategy that takes every element of your business into account. We have had the privilege of working with over 200 businesses in Australia and Overseas and from this we have created a flawless, airtight process that allows us to delve right into the core of your business and find out what makes your audience thirsty for your product or service.

Why Facebook Advertising Will Take You From Being a Small Fish in a Big Sea To King Of The Ocean.

You are Where Your Customers Are

Every time you choose not to advertise on Facebook, you’re letting go of the chance to put your brand in front of millions of potential buyers. With Facebook users spending an average 17 hours on the platform every month. Advertising on Facebook offers unparalleled reach for your brand.

Quick, Cost Effective and Measurable Results

Facebook advertising is one of the most efficient marketing channels available. Your message can reach 1000’s of relevant Facebook users within the time it takes to write an ad. Facebook also provides some of the most accurate and in depth data, which we use to create even better, more optimised campaigns.

Social Proof and Being Social is Everything in Modern Business

People buy from businesses they like and trust. Never before has the world seen a more accessible and transparent platform like Facebook. On here we are allowed to show your customers a face. Not just a brand or slogan. Utilising ‘Social Proof’ and your ‘Brand Personality’ we connect with your customers in a way they like and understand.

Okay, That Sounds Good, But What Is Your Process, And How Do I Know This Will Really Work For Me?

Find Your People

We use a number of different techniques to create and segment your target audience into custom lists. We also use some ‘ninja’ cold outreach strategies that will give us huge insights into who will actually take action and who won’t, This way our campaigns target the right people at the right time with the right message.

Make Sure Your Aren’t Forgotten

90% of the time people won’t purchase anything on the first connection. Unless you are an impulse product, you’re going to need to remain all up in your customers grill! This is why we implement some of the most effective re-targeting strategies around – they are so effective that we keep these strategies under lock and key and make employees sign NDA agreements not to reveal them.

What is Re-targeting? Check out this video here.

Cut, Graft, Re-plant

No, you didn’t accidentally get taken back to horticulture class. We are still talking about Facebook Ads!

After a few months we have enough data to know what worked, why it worked and how to make it work better. We take your winning ads, re-hash them with more effective offers, and show them to a new audience that has similarities to your existing customers. MAGIC!

Let’s Hear What Customers Are Saying…

Kara. P –  Manager of 19 Childcare Centres

Local Web Solutions Facebook ad strategies are responsible for 45% of our leads in our entire company. It is crazy to think that one method can generate nearly half of our entire leads

Emma. G –  Burleigh Sports Group

We initially found it impossible to compete in the online space because we don’t really have a tangible product. Local Web Solutions turned our ads into a hyper relevant message and showed this to people who were genuinely interested. Best part is we can see exactly how much of our investment is being returned each month.

Sam. S –  Owner of Sydney based Kindergarten

We have never seen a more effective form of marketing before. Even-though we use Local Web Solutions for SEO and Google Ad’s the way they create and execute these Facebook Ad’s is nothing short of amazing. It works each and every time!

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Got Questions – Check Out The FAQ’s Below?

How Long Does it Take To See Results?

Facebook Advertising usually garners the quickest results for us. However like everything in life, this varies with the industry, budget and resources you have available. To Answer the question as BEST as possible, we usually see a very nice return on investment within 3 months. This is no guarantee however.

What Kind of Budget Do I Need?

Budgets, just like results also vary. Niche and Local markets may not need as much as nationwide markets, yet it also depends on the actual requirement. We will cover exactly how much ad spend we recommend in our Battle-Plan before we actually get started.

How Do You Show Us The Results?

We report to you monthly in super easy to understand screen casts. We also give you access to your very own dashboard so you can monitor your results yourself 24/7 if desired.

Do You Lock People Into Long Term Contracts?

No – Instead we have 3 month cycles. The reason why is because it is at the 3 month mark where we are able to crunch the most significant data and it results usually spike up significantly around this time meaning you have more customers and a huge smile on your face.

Do I Need to Have A Website?

Ideally yes, however if you don’t. Let us know and we can certainly get busy creating one for you 🙂

Do You Have A Guarantee?

There is no such thing as a guarantee in marketing. If results where constantly predictable their would be zero reason to even hire a marketing agency because you could just learn the formula and do it yourself. The truth is, results are determined by hundreds of factors. Rather than guarantees we work on mutual goals and expectations, backed up by world class reporting and full transparency. Also, if any agency or marketer ever offers you a guarantee… RUN!