In 2021 we began our journey with Genius Chiropractic, to help them grow their client base. Genius had never employed the services of an agency before and were accustomed to doing everything in-house. 

We started our campaign by completing a thorough audit of both the website and previous advertising campaigns so we knew exactly what areas needed to improve and what opportunities were being missed!

Below is a more detailed breakdown of what was completed, as well as the statistics:

Marketing strategies implemented:

Organic SEO: Making sure Genius Chiropractic was ranked for organic search terms was by far one of the most important factors of the campaign. When it comes to high trust industries, appearing within the top 3 spots of Google creates authority and in turn, builds trust. Best of all it allows for a large increase in quality leads.

We were able to rank genius for the main suburb they are located in, within the first month and the main city within the first 3 months. From here we looked for longtail keywords to ensure we could keep the organic traffic consistently moving upwards. 

Google Ads: By far our largest impact in direct leads came from Google Ads. Our campaign was able to bring a huge amount of new traffic to the website but best of all averaged about 42 extra enquiries per month. With each lead costing less than $30 per acquisition. 

Below are the total stats for new leads and website traffic:

  • Total leads generated between Sep 2021 – Feb 2022 = 387
  • Total new website sessions between Sep 2021 – Feb 2022 = 2,425

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