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Melbourne holds lot of strategic significance for companies in Australia. With millions of websites and keywords that pop up when searching for every single service, you need SEO specialists and not generalists to put your website ahead of all others.

Local Web Solutions is on a quest to rank businesses at the very top of search engines so you can stand out from the saturated online business. We can make your brand shine brighter than a diamond through effective SEO when people in Melbourne searches for a business like yours.

We offer dynamic payment plans to ensure your brand is to be made and heard first before you hand us the payment. Not only we get to showcase our top skills through our flexible plans, but it’s also our secret formula in delivering the best SEO services in Melbourne.

To know more, how you can get a page-one guaranteed spot on search engines, simply complete our no-sweat application form and in return, you’ll get an information packed SEO assessment + a competitor analysis + your current digital presence score and heaps more priceless information. Absolutely FREE!

We’re A Team Of SEO Specialists & Not Generalists.

If you are not able to be found on Google, your business is losing money. Period. You’re essentially handing your competition the money you should be earning. And no other SEO companies in Melbourne would dare tell you that straight to the face, except us.

Because we pledge to only one thing which is getting your business to rank on top of your competitors and the first page of Google.

What you can expect from us

  • Our optimisation experts will edit your website’s content to suit the keywords we find through an in-depth keyword research plan.

  • All text remains natural to the reader as we only practice ‘white hat’ ethical SEO.

  • We’ll look for ‘longtail’ keywords that have been used by your competitors.

  • We will come back with a winning solution that best fits your needs.

It is important that as a business owner you have a clear vision of your target audience. If you are unsure, you are in luck, as we are all tertiary qualified marketers that can help you come up with a target audience profile and advise you on the best research methods.

Lastly, we include 30-45 minute consultation monthly where we go through the reports and also give you fresh new ideas on your marketing strategies, you can also use this time to ask any questions. Frequent reporting and research is required for a good, effective strategy.

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Lowered Cost & 3x The Results With SEO

Many businesses throw away thousands of dollars on online advertising due to the lack of measurability and knowledge. With SEO services in Melbourne, you are reaching a targeted audience that is actively searching for your business so you don’t have to cross your fingers hoping someone sees your ads.

An awesome SEO company knows the best optimisation solution for your website and will rank it for specific traffic driven words in as fast as 90 days. They must also provide additional marketing information that will help you monetise your website and give you measurable results.

They should also be willing to provide you with dynamic pricing so that both parties can proceed with the best strategic solutions for a brand. And we’re proud to say that we fit the bill.

Finding Qualified Specialists For SEO In Melbourne

There are literally thousands of companies who claim to know SEO and the only way to find out if they’re the real deal, is to see what results and ranking they’ve gotten in the past.

Tell you what, you have ALL the right to be sceptical about SEO in Melbourne because that’s your hard work, blood, sweat and more sweat you’re putting on the line.

One thing you should know about us is, we’re not afraid to show you our results-driven portfolio. In fact, we insist that you demand to review our work before you make business with us as we understand the security to see if we’re a perfect fit to work with.

Hiring us won’t be the same as your previous Melbourne SEO company as we’re going to make sure you’ll get your results in as fast as 90 days!

We’ll make sure you’ll get

  • More Leads

  • More traffic.

  • More revenue.

  • And the ultimate top ranking online business in

To find out how we can turn your business into a well-oiled money-making machine while getting page-one ranking in Google. Remember we guarantee Google rankings in 90 days or we work for free!