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​Connect ​To Your Market Like Never Before

Discover the most ​personalised​ and e​ffective way to grow your business

Leading companies trust in ​Our Bots

​​Why Your Business ​Will Benefit From Messenger Marketing

​Talk directly to your audience

​When it comes to marketing, it is almost useless to advertise if you don't know WHO your audience is. 

Messenger Marketing is the most effective way to communicate your message directly to people who already like you and know you.

Imagine if you people allowed you into their most personal space? Their phone!

While other businesses are fighting for last remaining dregs of their audience through the saturated marketplace - you already have a targeted and specific list of people who want you to market to them!

​​You are a Shepard not a Sheep!

​While everyone is selling their soul for an email address, businesses utilising Messenger market​ing are selling their products and services. Customers are numb to the modern day digital marketing efforts. Free eBooks aren't really free, landing pages are all the same, and we receive 100 emails a day from companies we never subscribed too (or did we?).

Marketing is getting stale and customers are getting smarter. They are craving personalisation and value. Chat Bots and Messenger Marketing don't just solve problems for business owners, they also breath life back into customers. People WANT to engage with Chat Bots when it is done right!

​Automate your marketing

​Imagine this!

- You are selling a service so you make an ad on Facebook

- Someone engages with your ad because it is relevant and awesome.

- The ad takes them to you super cool bot that talks to your customer in a way they can relate.

- Your bot asks the relevant questions YOU want​ and it qualifies the user

- Your bot handles ​drives the qualified person into a ​scheduling system

- The user ​schedules a call with you

​- You recieve an email saying 'Hey! You got a new lead, here are their details'

- You smile and give yourself a high five

This is just ONE if the ways you can utilise Chat Bots and Messenger Marketing.

But, Will Messenger Marketing Work For Me?

​The short answer is YES. As long as your business needs humans to function - this will work.

We have already got proven results in the following industries:

Real Estate, Restaurants and bars, Beauty Salons, Airlines, Limousin Companies, Photographers, Churches, Celebrities and Speakers, Digital Marketing, Car Sales, Sports Clubs, Charities...

The list goes on!

What Our ​Clients Are Saying:

​I Contacted Local Web Solutions to get some help with my Facebook marketing.

​After a really in-depth conversation the guys convinced me to give Messenger Marketing a go.

We ran ads to 'Sally the Salon' bot rather than my landing page.

​I ended up getting 230+ subscribers in my first 2 days of launch. From that list I ended up making more than $6000 worth of sales. This is the best thing that ever happened to my business!

Anna Smith - ​​Salon Owner

I listened to all the guru's! I sent traffic to my landing page using a free eBook.

Then I had a chat to Martin from Local Web Solutions. He set up a Chat Bot for me and ran and ad on Facebook. I have never seen such positive engagement and SO quickly in my 10 years of advertising my business! 

​I am a Messenger Marketing Convert!

​Murray Phillips - Manager

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