Case-Study Peekaboo Bubba

The Client

Children are special; each child is unique and special in his or her own way. Hence, there is no reason why parents shouldn’t get access to gorgeously unique nursery and bedding products for the unique snowflakes that are their children.

This is the mission statement of Peekaboo Bubba – Australia’s leading custom fit pram liner and nursery bedding store and our client for this project.

The ​Opportunity

While most agencies call this section “The Problem”, we don’t because each “problem” is just an opportunity to make a change that alters a brand’s online presence. For Peekaboo Bubba, this was a problematic Facebook Ad campaign.

Facebook Ads had been the primary source of revenue and customers for the client when major algorithmic updates brought forth unpleasant news. The new updates shot the cost for Facebook Ads through the roof which meant that our fledgling client suddenly found themselves wanting to reduce their Ad Spend on Facebook Ads. Well, that they did – but it came with an undesirable side effect. With the reduction in Ad Spend, the revenue from Facebook ads took a nosedive too.

This was “the problem” – an opportunity for us to change the way Peekaboo Bubba does its Facebook marketing.

Our Response:

  • Like how all successful projects start, we began by first reviewing the past and the then-existing Facebook Ad setup that the client was running ads on.
  • Areas that demanded attention were identified and a new Facebook Ad strategy that aimed at minimising Ad Spend while still achieving significant revenue was crafted.
  • Re-targeting Campaigns with dynamic re-targeting were setup and were continuously optimized week in and week out.
  • The revised strategy worked wonders by bringing a steady supply of new buyers while the re-targeting campaign turned website visitors into long-term buyers.

Types of ads used:

  • Conversion Ads – Single Photo or Carousel Ads.
  • Dynamic Re-targeting Ads – 5 variation photos were shown. When someone clicked on a photo, it tracked the user to see if it converted – if not, they continued to see highly targeted ads until they made a purchase.
  • Engagement Ads and Traffic Ad​s – Used for social juicing strategy to improve relevancy score and ad performance – translated to higher conversion rates.

​The Result –  400% returns on Ad Spend

  • In July, Peekaboo Bubba saw their least Return on Ad Spend – $3,800 spent for a revenue of $14,600
  • We took over at the end of July with our focus on overturning the above trend – new strategies were put into place along with a re-marketing campaign.
  • By September, a $200 increase in Ad Spend brought in a whopping $6000 increase in monthly revenue.
  • A 40% increase in sales in just 2 months.
  • As you’re reading this, Peekaboo Bubba is enjoying at least 400% returns on Ad Spend each month since the winter of 2016

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