Snapchat is an awesome new social media platform that is having a rather large influence on the marketing world. The reason why is because it is personal, raw and ‘un-advertised’, matter of fact I have dedicated an entire post to explaining how and why businesses should use Snapchat.

I use Snapchat for both marketing and personal purposes, much like Facebook or Twitter I love to engage with people I like and look up to, often this is influencers within the business world or even just crazy celebrities and musicians. When I go through my Snapchat stories while having my morning coffee I usually find a reason to laugh, feel inspired and also learn something new. All within about 10 minutes. I follow quite a few people on Snapchat but have devised a list of my favourite below with their snap id’s so you can follow them too!

  1. The White House – whitehouse – Yes, that’s right the white house is on Snapchat, need I say more?
  2. Arnold Schwarzenegger – arnoldschnitzel – One of my favourite humans. On SC you really get to see a genuine side of Arnie, he is a prankster who loves nothing more than to engage with his fans. One of the early adopters of Snapchat and really let’s you inside his world.
  3. Gary Vaynerchuk – garyvee – I call him the Snapchat God, he uses this platform more than anyone else I have, but the best part is he uses it in a way that is both informative and entertaining. This guy is a must follow for any entrepreneur.
  4. DJ Kahled – djkahled305 – Kahled has gained almost a whole new following just because of his Snapchats, he has created one liners and expressions that is being used the world over. At first it may seem a bit full on but the guy is actually a Snapchat genius and uses it to it’s full potential. ‘Bless Up’.
  5. Jessica Alba – jessicamalba – Watch some awesome un-edited behind the scenes footage of her daily life… and… well… selfies, that is all.
  6. LACMA Museum – LACMA – Ok, it isn’t a person but these guys create some of the funniest Snapchats I have seen. They literally turn pieces of classic art into modern day memes.
  7. GEEohsnap – geeohsnap – As far as I know this guys is the world’s first Snapchat artist. He creates art (often hilarious) from pictures he takes of random people during the day. At times even making up creative stories. Trust me this is one snapper you want to have on your list.
  8. Grant Cardone – grantcardone – This guy is the inventor of the 10X method. He is a genius and a self made serial entrepreneur who is constantly motivating and creating a positive vibe.

And there you have it, my favourite people to follow on SC. Please add your list in the comments below and also don’t forget to add your own snapID.