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6 Reasons your business should invest in SEO

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Most local or small Australian business owners have only just begun to understand the importance of showing up on Google and other search engines. I have had many conversations with business owners, and it is only now that they are starting to realise the effect of SEO on their bottom line. Below, I have personally devised a list of the most important reasons your business NEEDS to invest in SEO. For those who have read my blogs before, you know that the information provided here is not some sort of opinionated rant. Instead, it is academic knowledge that I have personally gained from my own research, active education, and own experience. I have not created this post because I want you to sign up for our SEO services, even though I would definitely not be against it; instead, I have written this for any reader that wants to actively begin thinking about what SEO can do for your business, alongside encouraging you to also do your own research to find out the other benefits and where it could land you in the future.


  1. It is No Longer ‘The Future’, It Is The Present

Look around you—everywhere, there are people with smartphones, tablets, and laptops. What are these people doing? They are highly active online in some way; whether it is to do business, find their way around, or to communicate, people are online more so now than ever. Now, think about this next statistic. 93% of all online experiences start with a search engine. Put this into perspective the next time you see someone on their laptop in a coffee shop—there is a solid chance they have engaged in a Google search at some point in that time, if not several. The implications this has for businesses is so massive that it can change the success of your business for good. Google and other search engines have one job: to provide the searcher with the best possible website for their query. This means that when someone types in a service—let’s say ‘bricklayers on the gold coast’–Google makes its assumptions as to which webpage will best suit this person. Statically, 85% of those searchers will choose a business on that first page. I certainly hope that this has put into perspective for you why SEO is something you need to stop thinking about and start actively doing.


  1. It will be Around for a Very Long Time

Based on the development of search engines and their algorithms, SEO is here to stay. We now see images, videos, and news articles ranking in Google; if anything, it is time to start looking at all the different methods you can drive targeted traffic to your site with SEO rather than just ranking the traditional website. My advice is to start SEO now so you don’t have to play even more catch up in the future.


  1. It Provides an ROI

Good SEO does one thing really well: driving really specific traffic to your website. Why is this important? It creates more conversions, which puts more money in your pocket. I mean, who doesn’t love more customers? One of the most common stigmas around SEO is that it is expensive. The truth is, SEO is actually dirt cheap when it is done right, because you should be getting a return on your investment from the first few customers, leaving you with a lot of extra cream at the top.


  1. Search Engines are Grabbing More Market Share

Between 80-90% of customers now check online reviews prior to making a purchase, and this number is only expected to increase. It won’t be long before everyone is using search engines to find products or services. Without organic SEO in place, you literally will not exist to these people. It is like putting a billboard in the middle of the desert, or creating a flyer and not distributing it.


  1. The Internet is Mobile

Mobile vs Desktop

As I mentioned earlier, everyone has access to the internet these days, but what kind of effect has this had on SEO and online marketing? Well, it means that the amount of traffic delivered to mobile devices is now exceeding that delivered to traditional devices. In other words, more people are using mobile devices rather than desktops on a regular basis. So what does this mean for the local business owner? It means they need to actively be promoting themselves online; they need to be where their customers are.


  1. Your Competitors are Doing It

How do I know this? It’s easy: do a search for your service or product and your city in Google, hit enter, and then say hello to the person taking your customers and money. Is this alarming? No? Still a word of mouth business making heaps of referrals, and you simply don’t need those customers? That is awesome—this means you are a good business owner who looks after their customers. But don’t you want more mouths to share your name with? What Google needs is more businesses like yours, because they want to give the best possible result to the searcher. If your business delivers a good product or service and you have not yet utilised SEO, it is strongly advised that you do so before your competitors build a bigger name for themselves and dominate the market. If you are a new business with not much of a reputation, then this is a great way to build it.


So, please stop thinking like this guy below.

you need SEO

SEO strategies exist for all business in all different life cycles. Most SEO experts will be happy to explain and work out what is best for your business, and how they can get you to the top of search engines. Before calling any SEO agencies, make sure to check out our blog, 8 questions to ask your SEO company before hiring them. Or, you could just call us instead 🙂


If you are interested in succeeding online as a business and making some serious profit in your business, then search engine optimisation is the single most important component of any orginisations efforts.