Remarketing Campaigns Make Sure You Never Lose A Potential Customer Again

Turn your website visitors into buyers through advanced remarketing techniques

What We Do

  • Remarketing Setup  

We d remarketing tags to your online entities and setup an remarketing campaign that is optimized for higher returns.

  • Targeting Relevant Audiences 

We identify the best subsets of audience to deliver highly targeted ads for better and faster conversions.

  • Employing Dynamic Remarketing 

By showing past visitors ads for the products that they viewed on your website, we dial up the possibility of turning past visitors into present buyers.

  • Bid Smart 

We adopt efficient bidding strategies that get you the most bang for your buck - a good mix of Target CPA, Target ROAS and Manual bidding.

Why Remarketing?

According to widely accepted online consumer stats, over 80% of online buyers never make a purchase the first time they see a product or a service. It usually takes more than a couple visits to a website before money is spent online. This fact, alone, highlights why more and more online brands have resorted to Remarketing strategies.

Remarketing gives you a chance to re-showcase your offerings to customers who previously visited your website and left without making a purchase. Through advanced remarketing strategies such as dynamic remarketing, highly targeted campaigns can be planned which will boost your brand’s online revenue.

In today’s world of immense competition where both established and upcoming brands vie for consumer attention, placing your products and services frequently in front of your target audience’s eyes gives you an edge over your competition.

20% of all major online brands have a dedicated budget for Remarketing

0.7 is the average click-through rate for Remarketing campaigns

26% of customers will return to a website through retargeting

70% more is the conversion likelihood for website visitors who are retargeted with display ads

The Advantage To Your Business

  • Personalised Reach 

Remarketing allows you to engage potential customers with highly personalised ad copies and product images which significantly improves the conversion rates and allows for fast-converting sales funnels.

  • Boosted Conversion Rates 

With Remarketing campaigns, you can keep your potential buyers engaged with your offerings in a frequent manner. This is especially helpful for brands who deal in expensive and complex products and services like software.

  • Lower Cost-Per-Action  

Like Adwords, Remarketing campaigns also cost you only when a potential buyer takes an action on your ad. This makes Remarketing an extremely cost-effective channel to reach qualified prospects.

  • Increased Brand Exposure 

Most people rarely ever buy something online during their first visit to a website. Remarketing campaigns are designed to expose potential buyers to your brand and its offerings. This not only increases brand recall but also increases sales.

Convert More Visitors Into Paying Customers Today!