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Why is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) valuable for my business?

Almost 90% of consumers search for local businesses online. We can now find the answer to a question, or a solution to our problem right at our fingertips.
Statistically consumers rarely delve past the first page of search results on Google or any other search engine, and this is why your business needs to be there.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility and ranking of your site in a 'natural' or 'organic' search engines results.

Unfortunately your spot on the first page of Google is also wanted by your competitors and it is a never ending battle to out-optimise your competition.

This is why we have created our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) plans. We will do the hard work for you and get your business seeing real results.


SEO is individual to each business. There are literally 100's of factors behind what makes websites rank in Google or any search engine for that matter. Local Web Solutions takes an individual approach to each SEO client therefore we do not have 'cookie cutter' pricing packages.

SEO should always be a return on your investment and therefore we need to work out what is best suited for you to make that return. This usually takes no longer than a quick chat about your business, goals and desired outcomes.

If you are serious about growing your business online then we would love to help you. We stand by our SEO methods so much that we do everything on a month by month basis, which means 0 contracts and 0 risk to you! We want to prove to you every month that your SEO is working and making you a return.

Unfortunately we cannot work with EVERY type of business as we are strongly focused on being able to make you money from SEO rather than you just spending it. If you would like to apply for our SEO services please fill out our discovery form so we can ensure your business is suited for SEO, this will also give us a good background behind your goals and desired outcomes.

We look forward to growing your business.

How can SEO help you?


Below is a list of the locations we currently have clients in and are activley servicing. We are able to work on a global scale and encourage businesses to contact us no matter where you are based:

Gold Coast SEO
Brisbane SEO
Sunshine Coast SEO
Adelaide SEO
Melbourne SEO





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