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So, what you will see below is a whole bunch of relevant content. The truth is, the only reason this is there, is so we can tell the Google Algorithm what we are relevant for while also teaching our protentional customers what we do. Relevancy is a HUGE factor when it comes SEO, that is why we have so much text here. pretty cool though hey?

As you will see, sometimes we put relevant text in bold. such as our business name —-> Local Web Solutions, or the keyword we are trying to actually rank for, such as: Mornington Peninsula SEO Company. Which is probably one of the key terms that brought you here. The reason we bold key terms is to help the google crawler understand points of importance and to ensure our customers understand the they are indeed in the right place. It is more than likely that you receive emails and phone calls every day about Digital Marketing and ranking #1 on Google, however we believe that one should practice what they preach… and the is why you have found this page by the power of really good search engine optimisation (SEO).

Yes, We rank our own keywords, which
means we can easily do it for you!

We are proud to say that we are a Local Mornington Agency and one of the best you will find at that.

Do you see what we did there? we used another ‘relevant’ keyword within the title of the text but made it belong there. Google loves it when similar (but not exact) keywords are used in titles because it helps it use ‘Latent Symantec Indexing’ to ensure its providing the best outcome for the user. (did you love that geek speak? don’t worry we only use it on odd occasions so we sound super profesh!)

Since we need to add some more content here it is probably a great time to talk more about the SEO audit. We highly recommend you get one done. There is honestly no better way to understand where you currently are and where you need to be than having us explain it all for you in an ‘over the shoulder’ screencast.

We are really bad at sales because its not what we have spent our lives doing, so we just really hope the value we provide sells itself. I mean, so far so good yea? we are still here after 10 years!

So, below you will see a ‘Call To Action’ button. These are SUPER important because it guides your user to do what you would like them to do. The reason we made this one Red is because we found that it gets more clicks than the other colours we used. Pretty cool hey?

Wow, This Page Just Keeps Going Right?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)… see what we did there! is a collection of factors that determines how will your rank on search engines.

One of the reasons we have SOO much text on this page is because we have noticed that our competitors do too. The truth is, if you can provide searchers a landing page that is technically sound, well designed, has good, relevant content and has a few backlinks sprinkled in, you can probably out rank them. This may seem like a lot of work but that is why we exist, because we can just do all of that for you. However, the best place to start is find out how much content, backlinks and technical fixes you ACTUALLY need. I guess this is where we do another shameless plug for getting our SEO audit, cause guess what? We cover all of that in it….

Now I am sure there should be another one of those pesky Call To Action buttons around here somewhere!

Below, we are going to re-iterate what we can do in a short broken up format. The reason why is because if you are still here reading this, you probably aren’t fully convinced we can help you yet! Or you just find this page very entertaining 🙂

Good SEO will drive ready to buy leads on a consistent basis. The best part about ranking on Google is that your growth will be predictable and exponential providing your ranking stay in the top 3 spots! .

Optimisation requires an understanding on how the whole ranking process works from the very beginning. There are several benefits to hiring a Mornington SEO company to optimise and aid in growing your online presence, rather than one of the many ‘Guru’s’ there. Look. I’ll be honest, the above was just another cheeky way to get a keyword in! However, the first part is indeed true.

Hey, have we mentioned our SEO audit yet? I feel you are still not quite convinced, it may be that you are always being sold to by pushy marketers. so I am going to add some proof below from real life customers who have had an audit done so you can see we are genuine in what we say.

What Other People Think Of Our Audits…

Below Is Some More Cool Stuff We do That Makes Us An Awesome SEO Company in Mornington.

We will complete monthly consultations with you.

You will always be kept up to date with the trends in SEO and also the optimisation on your site. Regular reporting an essential requirement for an active, long term strategy. Our reports are never boilerplate or automated. We personally follow up with you every single month.

Our Team are based on the Mornington Peninsula.

Our professional team of optimisers live on the Peninsula themselves; you will always be speaking with someone who understands the area and who is in your own time zone!

A step further – ‘longtail’ keywords.

We will not only use your website’s content to create a thorough keyword research plan which will allow us to come up with keywords that suit your audience and page content. We will then research keywords being used by your current competitors, we will then manipulate them to match with the content on your site, resulting in you dominating your competition for the SAME keywords that they are currently ranking for. This makes you omnipresent and takes back the traffic your website deserves!

We use white – hat SEO, and we keep it onshore!

We only ever use techniques that are welcomed by Google. In the time we have done SEO we have never had a site get penalised and we never suffer from Google Algorithm updates. Also, we don’t act like an Aussie SEO company just to give our work to cheaper, less efficient offshore companies. We do all of our work in-house!

We are dedicated to helping Local Mornington Peninsula businesses!

During the COVID-19 Pandemic we we offered to help local businesses for free of charge, and in doing so we were able to help 17 local businesses stay afloat and generate more sales online than ever before. We also helped a further 5 businesses who had literally NO online presence bring their entire business model online and make sales within the first 12 days of contacting us. Why? because we know how important it is to look after our own local community before anything else!

We also wrote an article about how SEO in specific can help your business here on the Mornington Peninsula – check it out here

Do NOT hire ANY SEO agency until you ask them these 8 CRUCIAL questions!

So, what we are doing here is trying to capture you in a different way. If you have read all of this. Still haven’t been convinced that we can do some amazing things for you, we will try the below marketing tactic, which is called a free lead magnet. I guess this is our last ditch effort to make you like us. Are you loving the transparency yet?

Some Video Testimonials!

SEO is the #1 Lead Generation Method in Salvo Migration to this day
– It is what single handedly drives Salvo Migrations Growth.

100% Transparency again – The below is really only here to help us rank… the info is probably solid, but…

If you are still here you probably aren’t that interested anyway haha!

Some Key Facts:

Want To Blow Other – Mornington Peninsula Businesses – Out Of The Water?

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The Difference Between An Expert And An Amateur Can
Literally Cost You Your Business

It is easy to find people who claim to know SEO, but the best way to find out whether an SEO company is up to the task is to see what previous results they have.

We encourage you to check out our current rankings and review some of the websites we are currently working on. This will give you a clear indication of the company you are handing your marketing dollars too.

Be careful of the people who claim to work in SEO and don’t have the background needed to rank your site successfully.

​These people can do harm to your site. When performing SEO that is not within the ‘white hat’ code, your website will be penalised. This results in your site becoming unsearchable in search engines.

There are more benefits in hiring Local Web Solutions for your SEO services, we have only just scratched the surface! Make the call and contact us today so we will show you how to turn your business into a money generating machine!

We service the entire Frankston area including surrounding suburbs.
We are also available in the Melbourne area

Let’s Hear What Customers Are Saying…

“After a short time our rankings have increased and continue to increase at a positive rate”

“Being a small business owner, it’s critical we rank well for high traffic search terms related to our business.
After a recent drop in rankings and ridiculously expensive Adwords bills, we needed to implement professional SEO services, and quickly! After a short time our rankings have increased and continue to increase at a positive rate.

Martin certainly knows his SEO and provides in depth reporting and excellent rank monitoring software.

I Would highly recommend SEO Web Solutions to any business or company needing to improve their organic Google rankings!

Thank you SEO Web Solutions for all your hard work. Keep at it !”

Rebecca Mills –  Driving School Owner

“I could not recommend Local Web Solutions more”

““After a failed attempt at success with another company I was having to consider shutting down. The Team were honest, real and did not make any fake promises – they gave me their time, extensive reporting and were just so easy to deal with. Our return on investment is through the roof and our clientele has more than doubled – we can not thank you enough. Highly recommend.”

Kara Parata –  Nationwide Childcare Company

“I owe so much to Martin and his team at Local Web Solutions”

“I was with an SEO company for 12 months and literally saw 0 results, I knew it was important so went on the hunt for another agency. I found Local Web Solutions through their own marketing, they practice what they preach and it works!

After a phone conversation with Martin I felt instantly at ease, he was completely transparent with me about the length of time for rankings, and was constantly in communication with me. I can’t stress enough how important it is as a business owner to have a team like this in your corner. I went from 10 phone calls a month to 10 a day. I cannot thank you enough!”

K. Hervey –  Melbourne Gym Owner

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A Message From Our Founder

Dear Fellow Business Owners,

I see so many agencies write some fancy schmancy letter to their customers as if it actually makes some kind of difference or they actually care. I honestly think what would make more sense is to just give them an absolute TONNE of value and see whether we can work together or not.

However below is a pretty cool story if you are interested. It is my 3 tips from the countless amounts of mistakes I’ve made and lessons I’ve learned from. All is true but it sounds super ‘Guruish’ so who knows, maybe ill have my own Netflix doco out some time soon! baha…

#1 – Learn to make decisions quickly and to act on them fast

I was at a conference in Brisbane, and Janine Allis (owner of Retail Zoo Group, famous for owning Boost Juice) was one of the speakers. After watching her very inspirational talk, she opened the room up to questions. I put my hand up – I must admit I was a bit nervous being surrounded by all of these successful business owners.

At this time I was only 26 and had a total of 4 clients in my boutique marketing agency while also working a job as a Marketing Assistant and was very new to the business world. I had my moment to ask anything… business owners were probably begging that I asked something valuable and didn’t waste her, or their time with some amateur question that most of them probably knew the answer too.

So here I am… I stand up, and I ask in the shakiest and unconfident voice

“Umm, Janine – I was just wondering… If… If you would have to go back in time and do it all again, what is the one piece of knowledge you wish you could take with you”…

I looked around and took my seat. Now, I have to admit, this was probably a question a seasoned business owner would not have asked such a genius entrepreneur. However, everyone seemed to get their notepad handy to take down her answer…

She smiled at me and said…

“you know it’s funny how often I think about that exact question.”

As chuffed as I was, I knew this was going to be an answer worth remembering.

Her exact words – “Fail Fast and Often.”

While everyone else in the room nodded and took notes my head was more like this: ‘… sorry… what? Explain more please! why do I need to fail.’

It took me literally years to understand what she meant. Because if there is one thing I know now about owning a business. It is the failures that teach you the most important lessons. It is the mistakes that create the best outcomes… so from this I created my own little saying – you are welcome to stick it up on your inspo board –

“A failure is only that if you don’t learn the lesson, it tried to teach you.”

#2 You started a business to create a better life for yourself and others, not to have a glorified job

I suffered from this for WAY longer than I should have… I worked 70+ hours week, never turned my phone off and wore way too many hats. I was the Marketer, Salesman, Web Designer, SEO, Creative, Graphic Designer and also a Father and Partner.

I have had 0 Holidays, 0 public holidays, 0 moments where a good time wasn’t tainted with something I needed to take care of in my business. I know that chances are you are either suffering or have suffered from the same.

Want to know what Great business owners do?

Follow this:

– They find out what they are REALLY good at

– They find their absolute MINIMAL viable market (MVM)

– They sell what they are REALLY good at to the MVM

– They create a process on how to repeat what they are good at

– They hire someone to repeat that process on a larger scale

– They find the weak points in their process and find an expert to make it stronger

What this creates is a flawless, repeatable process that can be replicated but can’t be imitated.

Don’t do too much. If you own a lawn mowing business, be THE BEST at mowing lawns. Don’t also be a marketer and a customer service rep. Pay someone to do that. It will free up your time to make more money doing what you good at – and once you know it well enough. Teach it to someone else.

Look, I know what you’re saying… how do I find that money when I am starting out? The truth is you can’t. And that is what brings me to my final point.

#3 Don’t be afraid to put it all on the line –

True Story! 5 years ago I had $200 left in my business account. I wasn’t sure where I went so wrong. I failed… HARD! However, I learnt so much from that failure that I would have been stupid to give up!

You know what I did?

I took that $200 and spent it on a Google AdWords campaign offering a free SEO audit to local business owners.

The result?

I got about 320 hits.

11 applications

and signed 2 clients

Which I still have to this day!

Does this happen all the time and to everyone? No way!

But, had I have lost my $200 I would have got a job, built up my bankroll and done it again until I won!

You are never going to be in the right place, the correct position whether that is financially or mentally. There will always be something telling you. Now is not the time! You need to avoid that and go deep! Take a risk, Fail Fast, and have faith in your ability to achieve success!

I hope you got some excellent value from this letter.

Please feel free to reach out to us anytime.

To Your Success –

Martin Niedenfuhr – Founder of Local Web Solutions

Want to know another cool little hack? Google LOVES it’s own products, that’s why we add Youtube videos to each page 😀

Pretty cool huh!