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​People aren’t on Facebook to purchase! Misunderstanding this is the #1 reason why most Facebook ads fail!

​So how do you fix it?

​You need to create trust!

​To create trust, you need to create value.

​In other words

Value = Trust

Trust = Sales

Simple formula, right?

Truth is, ​Considering Facebook is a social platform, creating trust is MUCH ​more straight forward​ than it is in traditional advertising.

So, How do you do it?

Create an irresistible offer to your audience.

​Here are the 5 Fundamental steps:

Know your audience

​If you know what makes your audience tic, you will know what to sell them.

Taking someone from their current state to their desired state is the single, most effective way of generating a loyal customer. The only way to achieve this is to know your customers most ​deepest pain-points and how show them how your product or service can fix it.

Make sure you provide value

​Give something away, discount something. Do whatever you need to! Make your audience feel they are getting a huge amount of value. The trick is to make a persons decision a ‘no brainer’.

Create Damn Good Copy!

​Copy is everything when it comes to communicating your message. Be conversational, state the facts, ​talk the language of your audience. Remember that copy can come in many forms:

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Written
  • Long
  • Short

​Make sure any piece of communication you present in the form of marketing material has a STRONG call to action. Sometimes people just need to be told where to click!

Make your offer easy to receive

Don’t make things hard for people. If you promise a free product… make sure it stays as free! Don’t add an upsell on the way. It annoys people and makes you look untrustworthy!

If you offer a discounted service, don’t ​lower your quality. Remember you want to create customers for the long term!

Facebook currently has 15,000,000 Monthly Active Australian Users. With so many people in one space, it’s a ‘no brainer’ that running ads on Facebook WILL increase your bottom line.

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