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I could not recommend Local Web Solutions more – After a failed attempt at success with another company I was having to consider shutting down. The Team were honest, real and did not make any fake promises – they gave me their time, extensive reporting and were just so easy to deal with. Our return on investment is through the roof and our clientele has more than doubled – we can not thank you enough. Highly recommend.

Kara Parata

Operations – Oxanda Education

After just one phone call with Martin I could not believe how wrong other seo companies are. Martin’s perspective on seo was so spot on and made so much sense to me, even though I am not very savvy at marketing or digital stuff Martin made me feel at ease with what he was saying, quite frankly because he was completely transparent and honest and it just made sense. The best part is I am getting results, and I have benefited greatly from these services. I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring.

Patricia Weathers

Travel Blogger and Guru

Local Web Solutions strategy for my hotel literally turned my business around for the better. The first 6 months of our campaigns saw a consistent 800% increase in traffic and a bucket of inquiries to follow. I did not believe this type of marketing was possible for the Hotel Industry, but they proved me wrong and I am so happy they did

Sarana Halpe

Managing Director – Apartments Ink

Do you know that feeling when you sit across your favorite person in the world?

It may be a spouse, a best friend, a close family member.

The conversation just flows. The laughs are deep and sincere. Your body is totally relaxed, fully present in the moment.

If you’re looking for one word to describe it, it’s this: effortless.”

Have you ever dared dream it could be the same in business?

Imagine never having to “pitch” something ever again – muscle tension, cold sweat and all. Imagine selling without effort: every customer walking in, cash in hand, and leaving 30 seconds later with a big smile on their face.

It happens sometimes, right?

IF ONLY it could happen every day…

Well, I have good news for you. IT CAN. And it does, all the time. In fact, I’m betting you know a competitor of two who seems to close sales as effortlessly as breathing.

What they’re doing right is this: focusing on what matters, and letting go of everything else. They’ve designed their entire enterprise around QUALITY LEADS, the fuel of business success in each and every industry.

Winners don’t believe “the customer is always right.” They believe “the right customer is right,” and everything else is just noise. Time-sinking, ad-budget-eating, headache-inducing noise.

If that makes sense, I’m here to show how you can introduce the same thinking to your business.

That is, with 100% actionable advice you can apply RIGHT AWAY.

I’ll do that by giving you my full attention and my agency’s 40 plus years of combined marketing expertise in a free, 45-minute marketing strategy consulting session. You can book your spot right here

before I get fully booked, or read on to learn how it works.

I’ll come prepared with a full analysis of your business and get you started on your first journey into elite direct-response marketing (don’t know what that is? Read below).

I’m Martin, by the way, and Local Web Solutions is my brainchild. You could call us an SEO agency with a twist.

Years ago I become sick with all the agencies and marketing ‘gurus’ promising marketing fad diets – “30 days to get an Olympian’s physique”, but with “[arbitrary huge number of] traffic’ and #1 ranking on Google” in there instead.

So I decided to roll the other way around  and offer quality instead of quantity. We teach serious, driven, proactive business builders to focus on quality leads to free time and explode their bottom line.

That’s exactly why I’m offering you free strategy advice. If you fit the bill above, you’ll be glad to work with me long-term. Otherwise, we’ll part ways with no hard feelings. That’s the quintessential win-win.

Ready to roll? Click the button below to book your session, or read on to understand more about how it can benefit you.


A resounding Yes! is worth 100 lousy maybes

Some businesses get phone calls from prospective clients every single day.

But not all calls were made equal. As you probably know already, you’re way better off without some of them:

  • You know those people who seem REALLY interested, yet for some reason never purchase?
  • Or those clients who always ask, but live across the world from the area that you service?
  • Or, worse still, the Voucher Hunters, just hunting down the cheapest price like rabid dogs?

Those are LEADS – potential customers that, at the end of the day, do nothing but drain your time, energy and resources.

Compare them, instead, with QUALITY LEADS:

  • Those who are actively in hunt mode for a solution;
  • Those whose values fit yours like a clock’s hands at midnight
  • Those who have already spent the cash in their mind, and are just looking for a field to enter credit card info into.

See the pattern there?

What’s better: to talk for a minute and hear “hell yeah! Let’s do this!”... or talk for two hours to hear “ok maybe, I’ll think about it (and 20 times in a row, while you’re at it)?

Thought so.

By laser-targeting the top 3%, you’re getting rid of headaches AND setting yourself up to sell better, faster, and BS-free.

All great relationships are effortless. And the same is oh-so-true in business.

Those relationships are exactly what we’re after here. We want to fine-comb your market, find those perfect matches, grab them by the hand and bring them right in the middle of the conversation.

How we do that is called direct-response marketing, and that’s what I’ll teach you one-on-one in your free 45-minute strategy consultation.

Book your session right now, or read on to learn not only how it works, but why I’m so happy to dole out free advice like that.


Laser-target your best customer to sell effortlessly

Direct response is one the main marketing method we rock & roll here at Local Web Solutions.

We use it to help businesses shoot their bottom lines to the stratosphere by finding and targeting their ideal, superstar fan customers.

The nutshell, the TL;DR, is this:

  1. send an irresistible message
  2. to a very targeted audience
  3. and elicit a powerful response. 

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, it kinda is.

In fact, it’s painfully simple – but only if you know how to implement it right. The hard part is letting go of the illusion that you can please everyone, and instead ask:

  • Why try to sell to everyone, when I can focus on the people who are most likely to buy (the 3%)?
  • Why make everyone “alright,” when I can make one “a-ok!”?
  • Why hunt for prospects, when I can just reach out to those who are already on the hunt for me?
  • Why push the sale, when some people have already spent the cash in their heads, and are just looking for a place to enter their credit card info?

Direct Response Marketing is the exact same method companies like American Express, Netflix and even Tony Robbins use to grow their client base.

It is a combination of research, online advertising and copywriting that creates a very scalable and measurable form of marketing. Its core benefit is creating a SURGE of new and relevant leads by focusing on what (and who) matters the most

With direct-response done right, our clients commonly see a return of 3:1 on campaigns. That’s 3$ for each dollar you invest.

Direct Response also accounts for one the quickest returns on investment when compared to other marketing techniques. If it sounds good, it’s because it is.


Get your direct-response roadmap laid out in 45 min for free.

WARNING! tough love free advice inside

So you’re here, ready to take your business to the next level. Ideally, without going through 4 meetings, 27 email backs-and-forths and 7 business lunches.

Wait… are you?

If you’ve grasped the Prime Directive of direct-response marketing, it’s all about “hell yes!” versus, “yeah, maybe.

That’s true for your business, and that’s true for my business, too. To really walk the walk, I need to hear the former answer from you.

Here at Local Web Solutions, we work damn hard to treat each client’s business individually, as if it were our own. For that reason, we can’t afford to waste time on anything other than the 3%.

Are you my 3%? I’m eager to find out, and for that I’m ready to spend a half hour to shower you with 40 years of combined marketing expertise – no holding back. 

When you book my strategy session, you’ll work either with me or one of our Digital Strategists to create an ACTIONABLE, no-BS digital marketing roadmap that’s 200% tailored to your business and leads:

  • We’ll X-ray your business to the core (you wouldn’t believe how telling the right questions can be)
  • We’ll dissect your previous marketing efforts and skim the bulletproof from the leaky
  • We’ll Tinder-swipe your leads to find the perfect matches who are ready to buy *yesterday*
  • We’ll make a ready-made plan you can start implementing right away. Think advertising, content strategy, SEO and leadgen – yes, the whole deal.

As you can imagine, this is completely obligation-free.

If you love my advice and approach – i.e. if you’re my 3% quality lead – you’ll want to keep working with me.

If not, that’s perfectly ok. If you go out there and apply even 1% of my advice to make one lead fractionally happier, I’ll have helped make the world a better place. Sounds like a damn good deal to me.

So. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Click the button below to book your free strategy session. I’ll ask you a couple of quick questions about your biz so I can come prepared and rock & roll your first steps into Direct-responseVille in no time.

To your success,

Martin Niedenfuhr

Co-Founder @ Local Web Solutions

Limited slots only.