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​Video Analysis = show, not tell. I’ll show you how you can improve your website, channels and business RIGHT AWAY and leave your competitors in the dust. (Yes, you read that right: for FREE)

Running a business is tough, isn’t it? Especially true if you’re just starting out or going it alone.

Advertise, sell, tweak, (hope for the best), repeat.

Getting everything right is impossible – and often, even doing your very best isn’t enough. It’s no wonder that 80% of businesses fail within their first 18 months, and 50% of the survivors shut down within four years down the line.

Business is a constant challenge, and problems tend to compound one another. Here’s some of the major issues you’ve probably faced at some point, or are struggling with right now:

  • You’re not generating enough leads

  • You’re getting rubbish leads who don’t pay and just waste your time

  • You’re bleeding cash on advertising and seeing little results

  • You spent a bag of money on a website and branding, but don’t know how to make it pay itself off

Each day you let these add up, your train races one station closer to Statisticsville. It’s a grim place entrepreneurs don’t like one tiny bit.

But I’m not here to shower you with gloomy stats or point out problems. I’m here to offer solutions. Immediate, practical, ACTIONABLE solutions that are 200% tailored to YOUR business and marketplace.

Here’s how. I’m going to:

  • Thoroughly review your website, channels, marketing spend and lead generation

  • Agent-007 the heck out of your competitors and their marketing practice

  • Point the finger at EXACTLY what you’re doing good and wrong, and tell you what you can improve TODAY

​Did I mention show not tell?​​​ I'm​​​​ not going to send you a 'report' or an email. I'm going to record my screen as I show you HANDS-ON what you should improve and tell you why.

You’ll get these pearls of wisdom delivered to your favorite email within a couple of days.

As simple as that. As free and commitment-free as fresh air.


Step up your digital marketing game with actionable advice you can apply right away


Have an expert marketer go through your website and channels with a fine tooth comb to assess what are you doing right and wrong


Learn exactly what your competitors are doing right, and how you can shift gears to leave them in the dust


Folks pay $1,000s to get professional advice on their digital marketing. You get everything for free.

Where should I send your FREE advice?

Check your email: I’ll ask a couple of quick questions to get a grip of your biz. Then I’ll do my homework and send back your ​video analysis within the ​2 days.


​We call it an "over-your-shoulder" digital marketing session. Everyone sells advice, so I do the exact opposite

How many friends and family have you called to ask for an idea, opinion or advice about your business?

Wouldn’t it be nice if one of them were a seasoned digital marketing expert?

Imagine sitting next to him or her, coffee in hand, and eagerly taking notes as he points around your laptop screen, revealing how you can bulletproof your website, channels and strategy.

This cosy scene (warm coffee mug and all) is more or less the idea I had when I introduced this free value bomb 💣💥 right here.

If you’ve seen the video above, you’ll know I’m a quite relaxed, easy-going kind of guy. (I’m Martin, by the way). So I said, why couldn’t I just be that marketing friend?

See, I’ve been in digital marketing for over a decade now, and I’ve seen the exact opposite happen all over the place:

  • business owners regularly paying thousands of $$$ for consulting services

  • so-called ‘gurus’ doling out trite, feel-good business advice over overpriced Skype sessions

  • agencies charging hundreds of dollars for simple SEO audits that don’t even incorporate competitor analysis.

I’ve founded Local Web Solutions about five years ago and kept running it with love and passion ever since. I know the struggle and excitement of entrepreneurship inside out… it’s what gets me out of bed in the morning.

So I said, “hey, screw that. I’m gonna turn the whole thing upside down 🙃. I’ll just help fellow business owners smash their marketing and play it by ear from there.

If they’re serious about growing their business, I reasoned, they may become valuable clients later down the line.

If not, that’s perfectly ok, too. 

I’ll have helped a fellow entrepreneurial soul get an edge over the hardships of running a business.

And hey, I may learn a thing or two in the process. Here at Local Web Solutions we helped clients from over 120 industries rocket-launch their traffic, lead generation and sales. If yours is not on the list, I’m dying to know how does one rock & roll that specific marketplace.

How the ​video analysis helps you SMASH your business results

  • It’ll uncover the ‘grey’ areas of your website that are hindering your chances of online success
  • It’ll tell you where you are wasting money, where it is doing well and what should be done moving forward
  • It’ll provide a professional recommendation on CRO (conversion rate optimisation) and SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • It’ll tell you how to better use your existing marketing channels
  • It’ll tell you how much your marketing spend should be monthly
  • And other heaps of value BOMBS that will help you overcome your business hurdles!

A closing note.

I’m glad to offer highly valuable advice for FREE, but I’d ask you for one favor 🙏

Please sign up only if you’re serious about growing your business and exploding your sales.

If you don’t see yourself set up for long-term success, let’s just not waste each other’s time. I have a business to run, and there’s only 24 hours in a day. That’s why I have to limit screencast quotas to 20 a month.

Thanks for understanding,

Martin Niedenfuhr

CEO of Local Web Solutions

I’m that entrepreneur​!
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